20. March 2019
Changes to expect for the 2019 Season!

04. February 2019
If you have ever visited Manitoulin Island, you have seen our ever present deer. They are in the fields, the highways, the lakes, streams and in our towns. Here in Gore Bay and at The Inn, they are our constant friends. It is worth following the speed limit in town as you can see them in their natural and town habitat! You rarely see one alone, as they like to travel in groups walking or running through a field or high way. They love to eat all that is green and the beautiful flowers found...

16. January 2019
We are now in 2019 and with the start of the year, brings in the promised renovations.

11. December 2018
A time to enjoy silence!

06. September 2018
Have you seen the sun setting behind the east bluffs overlooking the waterfront view? Photo credit: Chuck Stelzner

19. August 2018
Whether you are a guest staying with us, or want to make a reservation at 'The Live Edge', our on-site restaurant is A.G.C.O licensed

18. July 2018
Across the bay you will see our locations, located on the edge of the water by the East Bluffs. Your weekend getaway with sun, crystal blue lakes, and boats awaits. Enjoy our beautifully modern and decorated rooms while sipping coffee on the patio or balcony.

07. June 2018
We now have the five upstairs rooms completed and the downstairs rooms should be ready to go by next week. They look stunning and the beds are supremely comfortable. Picture your self lounging on our extra plush mattresses wearing one of our warm and fuzzy Inn at Gore Bay robes. The rooms all feature prints by local artists and are available for purchase at www.gallery.whytesonline.com

04. March 2018
Morning folks, It's the beginning of March and the harbour still has lots of ice. The black speck in the right of the picture is an ice fishing shack. You can see the snowmobile and ATV tracks cutting across to the other shore. Construction is ongoing here at the Inn at Gore Bay. My intention is to keep you informed of the progress. The 10 unit motel was completely gutted. All the electrical and plumbing has been completed and now the drywall contractors are hard at work. The fun part for me is...