Watersedge Pub & restaurant


                                                                    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9TH

                                                                                4:30-8:00 pm 

                      Traditional Thanksgiving fare, served in an elegant buffet style.

                                          Please call for reservations  - 705 282 0350

                                            The restaurant will be closed Sunday until 4:30

                                          (   the awesome daily menu is not available during this event  )


Welcome, and please be our guest at our on-site restaurant, Watersedge Pub & Restaurant, located across from your room at The Inn.                                   Reservations are required.


Watersedge provides relaxed, casual dining, with the unique rustic and artistic ambience you can only experience in Gore Bay. 


With quality and tasteful service, fresh and always in-house made food, we take pride in giving our guests world-class dining with the casual atmosphere and gorgeous waterfront view. 



                                         Reservations are suggested,   please call 705-282-0350. 


                                                     Watersedge Menu